Eagle Eye customizes the services it provides based upon the needs of our clients. Utilizing customer and market intelligence, we will provide recommendations on how to best leverage unique insights through modeling, analysis services and software   These services include:picture 284x190

We use Best-of-Breed modeling techniques to achieve the results our clients are looking for.  These techniques include:

  • Logistic Regression
  • Linear Regression
  • Decision Trees Campaign Analysis
  • Statistical Networks (similar but more advanced than a neural net)
  • Clustering
  • Advance Multi-Model Techniques

Response and Conversion Modeling
Response Modeling identifies the similarities between responders from a direct marketing campaign and creates a statistical model that can be applied to new data sets to determine prospects that are likely to respond and those that are not.

Once a new data set is "scored", you can drop the lower predicted responders and only mail or telemarket to the higher predicted responders. Understandably, this INCREASES response conversions considerably and as a result DECREASES your marketing cost per response (sale) dramatically! 

Conversion Modeling applies the same technique leads already in your sales pipeline to determine those leads most likely to convert (wouldn't your sales force like to know where the 'low hanging fruit really was').

Response Modeling can:

Increase Sales and Response rates by 20% to 350%.
Decrease Marketing Costs.
Acquire New Customers More Cost Effectively.
Identify those most likely to respond.
Gain a Better Understanding of your Prospects and Customers.
Discover your best market segments.
Teach you how demographics and other factors impact your responses and profit


Post-Campaign Analysis
Discovers relationships between responders and non-responders (or buyers and non-buyers, or approvals and turn-downs, etc.) and provides valuable information back to you about who is responding to your offers and/or buying your products.

  • Are you really targeting your market? Learn which demographics are really responding, so you can tailor your offer to the most responsive segments of your market
  • Choose better performing selects/criteria for your mailing file, based upon who is responding to your offer

Discover why one list may be getting a better response rate than another.


Customer Profiling
Profiling finds distinctive relationships between individual data items and creates segments (groups of customers) based upon these relationships. It's a great way to see the "faces" and characteristics of your customer or prospects.

Maximize the Profitability of Your Customers
Identify the 25% of your customers that account for 75% of your profit.
Learn which of your customers are being undersold.
Only target your most profitable prospects.

You can use the demographic profile of your top segments to boost the response rate of new prospect lists better than ever before!


List Processing and Similarity Analysis

List Processing and Similarity Analysis is generally used when working with a list broker or manager.  We will use a portion of the client's own customer file, and use techniques to find those prospects in the rental list who 'look' most similar to the client's customer base.  This generally has much better results than mailing purely off of selects.  However, it is recommend that a true response analysis is done on the first campaign before another list is rented.  This will generally provide significantly better results for next campaign.


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